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Prof. Psalm Ebube, Ph.D., is a renowned international figure known for his multifaceted expertise and inspirational impact across various domains. As a distinguished author, educator, global speaker, civility-driven leadership expert, minister, and searcher-preneurship coach, he possesses a remarkable ability to transform mindsets, encouraging individuals to recognise their potential and actualize it. With a career spanning over fifteen years, Prof. Psalm Ebube has touched the lives of millions, particularly the youth, emerging and aspiring leaders, through his dynamic approach to success and leadership. He achieves this through a diverse array of mediums, including conferences, bestselling books, music, and information products. His influence has been profound and far-reaching.


Prof. Psalm Ebube’s specialization in leadership consulting, with a focus on nurturing emerging and aspiring leaders, has made him a sought-after global authority. His notable contribution includes the creation of the acclaimed Future-Ready Leaders book series, which provides valuable insights into leadership development. Additionally, he has demonstrated his commitment to youth empowerment through the establishment of the Youth Matrix Institute in Africa. As the Vice-Chancellor and Professor at the United Graduate College and Seminary International in the USA, he continues to shape future leaders and thinkers, leaving an indelible mark on the world of academia.

Prof. Psalm Ebube’s extraordinary blend of talents, passion for leadership, and dedication to youth empowerment make him a true luminary in the international arena, inspiring countless individuals to strive for greatness and become the very embodiment of their aspirations. As founders of the Future-Ready International Leadership Summit, business conferences, and business coaching, we build valiant, future-ready leaders unafraid to meet these volatile times, where aspiring leaders gain valuable insights and effective strategies to support their leadership skills in these volatile times. He is the founder and publisher of YPN Publishing & Media, LLC, a leading international publishing company. In the first 18 months of being in business, YPN Publishing & Media published 50 best-selling books. He has an 18-year track record of leading numerous businesses with nationwide operations, and Change the Nation’s USA has repeatedly trusted him to serve as a National Statesman for Youth.


 He’s the CEO of Trivard International Holdings LTD, a consultant and training liaison international expert at Global Development Consultancy USA. He is a searcher-preneurship coach, the founder of the Stay Alive Civility Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Initiative, and a youth advisor to King Okogyeman Kobina Amissah of Ghana, Africa.


He has more than seventeen years of experience working for a multinational firm. Reckitt Benckiser Group plc, operating under the trade name Reckitt, is a multinational corporation specialising in consumer goods. Its presence is notable in Nigeria, with its headquarters situated in Slough, England, reflecting its Anglo-Dutch origins. Throughout his seventeen-year tenure at a multinational corporation, he bore witness to a plethora of leadership cultures exhibited by corporate managers, directors, and executives.

He is passionate about helping youth, young adults, and emerging and aspiring leaders achieve immediate and long-term success. As a dynamic and highly sought-after speaker, he teaches youth to take control of their future and equips them to emerge as transformational leaders, using their gifts to empower other young people to make a difference in a changing world. He is a certified searcher-entrepreneurship coach, a pioneer of a borderless mindset for emerging generations, and a leadership expert.


Among other honours, ICN USA has given him the African Civility Educator of the Year 2021 award, the Icon of Global Socio-Economic Development and Empowerment of the Youth 2021, and the Nigerian Youth Parliament by the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He bagged Africa’s first Duke of Civility Award, bestowed upon him by I Change Nations USA. As the 5x Amazon International Bestselling Author of Stay Alive, When Your Mind Is Sick, and When Truth Takes a Backseat, his leadership qualities have earned him a lot of plaudits in the literary milieu. He has garnered inspiration for readers who are living by the potency of his work today. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Leadership and Team Development from the International Business Management Institute in Berlin, Germany; a Master of Manufacturing Management from Acacia University, Arizona, USA; a Master of Practical Psychology from Acacia University, Arizona, USA; and a Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Psychology from United Graduate College and Seminary International California, USA. Founder of the Future Ready International Leadership Network As a global civility conference speaker, he has addressed audiences in the United States, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Australia, India, and several other countries. He delivered a speech at the I Change Nations Global Leadership Summit in 2020 and 2022, which attracted world leaders from more than 100 nations.


He has shared the virtual space with legendary, world-renowned leaders such as Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Grant Cardone, Don Green, Clyde Rivers, and the Lord Mayor of Manchester, Cllr. Donna Ludford. Prof. Psalm Ebube is the co-author and creator of the Stay Alive and Not Alone Book Series. Psalm Ebube is the principal consultant of Psalm Ebube Global Touch LTD., a leading global leadership consulting company with the mission to raise highly effective impact leaders to shape the fortunes and destinies of nations. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria. He is happily married. Visit him at @Officialpsalmebube.

YPN Publishing and Media LLC: Leading the World of Publishing and Media

Dr. Psalm Ebube is a renowned media magnate and esteemed publisher, serving as the CEO of YPN Publishing and Media LLC, a distinguished company registered in Wyoming, USA. Becoming an International Bestselling Author: At YPN Publishing, we offer writers the opportunity to step into a world where their literary dreams can become a published reality. Our team of experts is committed to helping authors like you transform their creative visions into books that captivate readers around the globe. From editing and design to marketing and distribution, we provide comprehensive support at every stage of the publishing journey. With YPN, you’ll have the resources and guidance needed to breathe life into your book and connect with audiences worldwide. So, why wait any longer? 

Embark on your path to publishing success today with YPN Publishing.

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YPN Publishing and Media, LLC A Leading International Publishing and Media Group

  • 30 N Gould Street, Sheridan, WY 82801, USA 
  • 3A/2B Kano Crescent, Agbara Estate, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Mobile: +2348023768604
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    Dr. Psalm Ebube’s leadership in the world of publishing and media reflects his commitment to nurturing literary talent and bringing compelling stories to readers everywhere. With YPN Publishing, you have a partner dedicated to helping you share your unique voice with the world.


In the Federal Republic of Nigeria, TRIVARD INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS LTD is a registered company that operates under this name, in accordance with the Companies and Allied Matters Act of 2020.

  • This company falls under the category of Companies Limited by Shares and outlines its objectives and nature of business in its Memorandum of Association as follows:
    2. Registered Office: The company's registered office is situated in Nigeria.
    3. Objects of the Company: TRIVARD INTERNATIONAL Holdings LTD is established to engage in the following activities:
    A. Real Estate Activities B. Skill Training and Education Services C. General Contracts D. General Merchandise E. Digital Services F. Manufacturing Services
    4. Type of Company: TRIVARD INTERNATIONAL Holdings LTD is a Private Company.
    5. Liability of Members: The liability of the members of the company is limited by shares, and the company is also involved in consultancy services.

Under the visionary leadership of Dr. Psalm Ebube, TRIVARD INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS LTD is committed to excellence and actively engaged in various sectors, including real estate, education, contracts, merchandise, digital services, manufacturing, and consultancy.

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