Who is Dr Psalm?

Leadership Consultant

Public Speaker

Dr. Psalm Ebube is a distinguished figure in the field of leadership. With over 15 years of expertise, he has been a trusted advisor to emerging and established leaders and organisations, offering valuable insights and solutions to enhance their leadership capabilities.

As a public speaker of international acclaim, Dr. Psalm Ebube has a wide-ranging portfolio of topics that he passionately addresses. His eloquence and wisdom have graced prestigious global events, including the I ChangeNations Global Conference, among others. He has shared virtual platforms with iconic and world-renowned leaders such as Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Grant Cardone, Don Green, Clyde Rivers, and even the Lord Mayor of Manchester, Cllr. Donna Ludford, solidifying his reputation as a captivating and influential speaker on a global scale.

My Mission

I am committed to reshaping perspectives and empowering leaders to envision and realise their full potential. I firmly believe that leadership is within everyone’s reach, and my mission is to equip emerging
leaders with transformative habits and civility-centered leadership skills.

My Vision

I aspire to emerge as a preeminent figure in the realms of success, entrepreneurship coaching, mentoring, and leadership, both within Africa and on the global stage. My vision is to inspire and advise individuals worldwide, leaving an indelible mark in the pursuit of personal and professional growth.

My Values

Concern for Others

Turning my focus from myself to others to identify their feelings and needs, and to do what I can to assist, was one of the greatest turning points in my life. Love is the highest relationship principle in the world.


I believe that the family provides some of our best opportunities to be loved and to learn to love. I am happy I have a family to love and that loves me.


I don’t like to deceive myself. Neither do I like to deceive others. This helps me to perceive people and events with clarity.


I like to set goals and to achieve them. There is joy in the process and the ending.


At the highest level of success, we help others to succeed. Doing that is leadership. This speaks directly to my personal purpose. I help others to succeed.


I value knowledge and it’s accurate application for the achievement of success. I am a learner for life, and I am passionate about sharing what I learn to help others improve their outcomes.


I am an original thinker and need the space and power to try out my ideas and to control outcomes. I value independence.


I seek to achieve harmony within myself and with others. This is fostered by mutual trust and acting with sincerity.


I try to avoid complexity in my desires, so I can derive joy from the basic blessings life offers.


Perhaps my training as an engineer makes me appreciate that the invisible part of life, like that of a building, controls the visible part. Spirituality helps me deal with challenges better, giving me a constant supply of hope, peace, joy, and a sense of meaning.

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