Prof. Psalm Ebube’s diverse collection of books spans a wide range of topics, from leadership and mental health to personal development and societal issues. These works reflect his dedication to making a positive impact on individuals and communities around the world.


1. DON,T PUT ON AN ACT, LEAD: What You Wish Your School Taught You about Leadership


2. WHEN TRUTH TAKES A BACKSEAT: A perfidious true-life story of an African Diaspora


3. FUTURE READY LEADERS: 70 Valiant Leadership Insights that Set Highly Effective CEOs, Experts, and Leaders Apart from Those Who Struggle in Volatile Times


4. WHEN YOUR MIND IS SICK: Mind Your Thoughts, Master Your Life And Grow From Meager To Mega While “Building Borderless Minds”


5. NOT ALONE (Vol. 1) …On the Road Least Traveled


6. CHAMPIONS OF INFLUENCE: Leaving A Mark in Your Generation


7. STAY ALIVE vol. 1: Rich Mind Empty Grave


8. STAY ALIVE vol.2 Tough Times People and Their Stories


9. STAY ALIVE vol.3: LIFE SKILLS: Effective Grand Strategies, Self-Values to Maintain your Mental Health and Multi-level Prevention on Suicide, Grief, Depression, and Anxiety Among Adolescents & Youth


10. STRESS AND DEPRESSION AMONG DISABILITIES: Awakening the World to a Special Needs Challenge by Dr. Robin Lococo & Dr. Psalm Ebube


11. ROYALTY THAT VALUES ALL: A Force for Civility. The Autobiography of HRH King Dr. Clyde Rivers


12. RAISING A 21ST CENTURY CHILD: Helping Today’s Millennial Parents Balance Roles, Thoughts, Feelings, and Actions


13. Tonic For Toxic Workplace

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