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Dr. Akinyemi Oluwasesan Samuel. CEO, Trivard International Holdings, A worldwide advocate for civility, an entrepreneurial coach, an educator, a global speaker, and an authority in civility-centered leadership. As a minister and a specialist in strategic empathy and civility leadership, my primary mission is to change people’s perspectives, enabling them to envision possibilities and ultimately transform those visions into reality.

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Within you lies a priceless treasure. You possess limitless potential, boundless possibilities, and an abundance of value, akin to standing atop a mountain of opportunity.


The inaugural step towards triumph and leadership begins with the recognition of the inherent worth within your talents, experiences, and skill sets. It’s about revealing this treasure to your world and unleashing it to shape your reality.


My team and I are wholeheartedly dedicated to accompanying you on this transformative journey. Our mission is to redefine your perspective, enabling you to discern the myriad possibilities and become the embodiment of those possibilities, all through the lens of civility-driven leadership techniques.

We not only impart wisdom but also offer tangible strategies that will empower you to evolve into your finest self in our perpetually changing world.

In a world characterized by uncertainty, it’s prudent not to traverse the path of life in solitude. We extend an open invitation to join our community of highly effective and impactful leaders.


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